Italjet 50 (not a moped) Denver


My landlord told me I needed to sell some bikes before I get any more. So I need to let this silly thing go. It’s a little kids 50cc dirt bike, motor spins, haven’t been able to find a Bosch flywheel to check spark. I got some V1 seals and other misc things I’ll throw in.

It’s labeled Italjet on the motor but it’s also got some Indian connections. Trying to get 250$ (what I paid), eBay has most parts but are listed like vintage Indian part prices. Willing to ship for extra $$$

Shipping from Denver area (edited)

Re: Italjet 50 (not a moped)

Sunday the dog for size reference




Re: Italjet 50 (not a moped) Denver

I have Front wheel/gas tank/pipe that is not pictured. Thanks for looking (edited)

Re: Italjet 50 (not a moped) Denver


Re: Italjet 50 (not a moped) Denver

Jason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /

Did you sell this? I'm primarily interested in the frame

Re: Italjet 50 (not a moped) Denver

Yeah it sold. Sorry about that

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have not seen one of those for years.

Indian mini mxer

just get a Suzuki jr50 nowadays

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