WTS QT50 Malossi Cylinder + Heads

Selling this cylinder: https://www.treatland.tv/yamaha-QT50-YT60-malossi-70cc-kit-p/malossi-qt50-kit-318007.htm

Selling this head: https://www.treatland.tv/custom-cut-45-5mm-high-compression-head-for-QT50-p/qt50-oring-head-version-3.htm

The cylinder is three months old, light streaks from piston, can not be felt via finger nail method, a good hone and you'll be good to go! Also included is a new O-ring for the treatland head, YT60 head, and stock QT50 head. All this fun stuff for the great price of $50 plus shipping!

I also have other QT50 parts for anyone interested!

Re: WTS QT50 Malossi Cylinder + Heads

So no piston?

Re: WTS QT50 Malossi Cylinder + Heads

Ryan Wade /

I can include the old piston, it has light smears on it, but nothing you can feel with the new finger nail.

Re: WTS QT50 Malossi Cylinder + Heads

I’ll take it if it’s still available.

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