Pryer trike for sale

Jerry Style /

1982 Pryer trike. All original with title, Minarelli motor. Runs and drives great. Everything works as it should. It’s in great condition. $1800. Located in Harrisburg PA.


Re: Pryer trike for sale

Josiah Radebaugh /

Looks very clean. Like those big fenders..

Re: Pryer trike for sale

I keep telling myself I'm going to put my Pryer rear end on one of my uglier Motrons.

Are those reflectors or lights?

Motron shocks are cheap, plastic, and 280 mm. Will I want longer and heavier duty shocks?

Thoughts on leaving the kickstand on or off?

Re: Pryer trike for sale

the circle guys are reflectors

Re: Pryer trike for sale

Jerry - is the Pryer Trike still for sale??!!!

Stan the Man

Re: Pryer trike for sale

Since I posted almost 3 years ago, I picked up a complete, running Motron trike last fall, so I don't actually need my other rear end. It needs a bushing made to keep the brake plate from moving in and out, the brake lever repaired, a stop so the brake plate doesn't rotate, a chain tensioner, and some cosmetic welding done. It HAS the fenders. It would then have to be modified to fit whatever bike you are putting it on, as it came off a Batavia. I paid $350 for it a few years ago, so I will probably need that much for it. And I'm in Ohio...

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