FS (WA State): Vespa Grande

Fletch Wilkens /

79 Grande, no title.

- New handlebars

- New petcock

- New Delorto 13:13 Carb, High-flow filter

- New chain and tensioner

- New ignition coil

- New points/condenser

- Fresh paint on subframe, forks, footrest

- Engine rebuilt, drilled intake (stock cylinder etc. though)

- Super clean gas tank

- Seat in good condition

- Circuit pipe (or if you want a brand new Polini country pipe, you can have that instead)

- Lights all work

- Speedo drive gear is kinda sticky so I'm not running it currently.

- No horn.

- Has sidecovers -- not the stock one's. Has the stock frame cover plastic and it's in good shape.

- Snowflake rims

It starts/runs/rides pretty good. Still a bit slow -- next step was an Olympia kit if I was going to keep it. But I need to fix my truck, so time to move on. Located in Spokane.



Re: FS (WA State): Vespa Grande

sorry I don’t usually comment on stuff for sale that I’m not interested in buying but it looks like a bird took a huge dump on the seat! Nice bike otherwise GLWS ~

Re: FS (WA State): Vespa Grande

Fletch Wilkens /

Naw, I would've cleaned it off if it were bird poop. It's a bit of what seems like drywall mud or something. Removing it risks damaging the seat...so not worth it IMO.

Re: FS (WA State): Vespa Grande

Drywall mud is water soluble. Also, I just got a grande seat cover from NW seat covers for $42. It fit perfectly.

Re: FS (WA State): Vespa Grande

Can you post a photo of the new seat cover? Mine has a small rip but hate the way most replacement covers look.

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