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So I have a few things I would sell so I can attend the rally. First is some Garelli team 16" wheels. No cracks but needs paint. $175 at the rally or $175 + shipping. Second is Garelli 5 stars 16" wheels with very rough paint but no cracks or bends. $150 at the rally or $150 + shipping. Last is mbk 17" 6 spokes with no brake plates or hardware. $100 pick up at the rally or $100 + shipping


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Also a 2015 Baja worrier 200 that hasn't burnt 2 tanks of gas since new. $450obo


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1986 Garelli Rally SL with rebuilt NOI, Polini kit, HPI mini rotor ignition, gigantor chamber, weakends intake, vm20 carb, trail tech temp and rpm gauge, new tires, tubes and chain. All done 3 years ago and has about 300 miles on parts. $600 obo. I can throw a stock NOI on it and you can have it for $300 obo. Also has under seat storage.


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Last for now is a Moby 40t that has a completely rebuilt AV7 with a nos top end that was ported according to the wiki. It has the dimoby clutch and does a whole 28mph! Someone screwed the chrome side panels on the tank so I had to weld up the holes. That's why the two spots are on each side of the tank. $300obo.


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Oh man, how much shipped for that first set of wheels? I'm in 02135

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> Eddie Bravo Wrote:

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> Oh man, how much shipped for that first set of wheels? I'm in 02135

They are pretty much sold. I do have another set on a bike I could pull off and sell ya for $250 shipped. Lmk.

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Those wheels are so rad! I might be tempted to get the Moby set if you still have them at the rally!

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First set of wheels sold! I do have another set of they are wanted. I'd have to pull them off a bike if interested.

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Have a few things for sale that I can bring to the rally. Here’s a link to those things.,4293522,4293522#msg-4293522

Stuff like a Puch 70 top end, VM18 with intake, a55 stock cylinder/head, magnum x complete wheelset, stock maxi forks.

I also have a complete Derbi pyramid Reed motor that came off an RD50. About 2000 miles on the motor. Standard run through/tuneup should get it up and running again. I also have a brand new cast iron metrakit I’m willing to include for a fair offer. Will also consider selling separately. Please send offers, probs won’t bring the derbi stuff with me without any interest. I can send pics by request.

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