1982 Honda Urban Express

Justin Johnson /

Trying to figure out if its worth selling or parting out. Cosmetically its in great shape and also runs pretty good too with the exception of the electric start and oil pump. 70cc kit, Dellorto carb, performance exhaust.

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

Tune it so it's running well and sell it whole unless you like dealing with breaking it all apart, packing and shipping, and hoping it all sells (you'll have a lot of leftovers). There seem to have been a lot of Urban partouts on here lately. JMHO

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

If you part, I'm interested in quite a few pieces.

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

Beach Club Nick /

Why part a perfectly good running bike? You're gonna have so many bits and pieces that you'll never be able to sell. How much are you asking?

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

Nathan Jamgochian /

I agree... Why part a running bike. My thoughts are Keep at many on the road as we can.

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

Alexandro Ramirez-Nagy /

Keep it on the road. That bike is so nice!

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