FS: Puch performance 50cc Cylinder Kit and 50cc hi comp head, treat kitversion 1

Angry Hipster /

This Cylinder Kit : https://www.treatland.tv/puch-50cc-cylinder-treat-kit-version-1-p/puch-treat-kit-50cc-the-people.htm?fbclid=IwAR2KHY3qfkhSzQfpqemkWGyUfZ8N-jQRcUB-X6uaUKSpLSz9RqwOUW298vQ

And this head : http://www.treatland.tv/Puch-50cc-Hi-compression-head-p/puch-hi-comp-head-50cc-old.htm?fbclid=IwAR0G2-05WRnxX3jX043BYdaWD5C7n5esvh_f7x3ecXGZ0xGTdUh_h9sR-jc

I have both these for sale/trade, never installed. I did use an intake gasket/head gasket and piston circlips, so you'll need those

Will sell or trade + cash for puch mags, Make offer hit me up (edited)

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