Garelli on my local craigslist

Re: Garelli on my local craigslist

That's a bit high.

Or rather hes high.

If it was a top tank it could command close to that.

Missing tools and tool box on back of green carrier. One speed with 16" wheels.

Not sure that the correct headlight housing. Those housings were used on VIP models. And that cylinder head, never seen one like that on any Garelli.

No mirrors and who knows what kind of shape the tires are in. Chain sprockets should be inspected, along with engine cases near chain drive. Noi motor cases can be damaged from a past broken chain. I've seen broken stator housings from chains coming off at speed. Rubber clutches swell when previous owners do not run NON-DETERGENT motor oil in gear box. This causes premature engagement and bogging off of line from standing start. Pedals are beat to shit, check crank arms, they are probably bent up too.

Overall it looks to be in fair shape for a 76 and the year appears to be correct. (edited)

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