1980 Honda CB650 C

not a moped... sue me

37k miles, engine runs like a clock. a little cold blooded, sometimes needs a shot of starter fluid to get going - idt the chokes are closing fully.

once she warms up though, she's perfect, runs like it's factory fresh. starts as soon as you look at the starter button, runs out to 11-12k pulling hard the whole way. has pod filters, been upjetted and has 2>1 pipes on either side. seat is in great condition, paint is pretty flawless, carry's 2 people great. bike turns heads, sounds great... only selling bc i picked up a rz350 and the funds are little low

recent tune up: plugs, oil/trans fluid flush, brakes bleed and flushed, carbs cleaned and re-aligned.

located in 21122, pasadena MD. test rides are welcomed, clean title in hand

443 867 47five 7 - txt anytime


Re: 1980 Honda CB650 C

Chris Szuba /

hahahaha price.... hahaha man it feels like a monday.

Asking $2k !

Re: 1980 Honda CB650 C

Dirty30 Dillon /

That's a great looking CB, and I am not typically a CB fan.

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