Vespa Piaggio Si & Grande

Vespa Si & Vespa Grande mopeds

Package deal. I do have the rear wheel for the Grande, and the plastic trim. Also have two new tires and some cables. One of them had broken teeth on the rear end gears. I can give you all the details in conversation. I can also give bill of sale for both of them. First $200 takes them home.

Text 616 two 1 eight 2 eight 3 two

(I’m a modern Vespa scooter guy, so i lost interest.)


Re: Vespa Piaggio Si & Grande


I have 200 bucks I can PayPal you right now, I dont live there but I can have a friend grab them

Re: Vespa Piaggio Si & Grande


Damn, you guys are beasts. Seems like like i priced too low.

I should have scheduled a fight to the death tournament for the right to buy.

Ride safe ladies and gentlemen.

Re: Vespa Piaggio Si & Grande

You did I it right Aaron, that was a fair price.

Re: Vespa Piaggio Si & Grande

Robert Linhares /

Good deal for everyone. Mopeds get a new home .

Like President Jack Kennedy used to say "With renewed vigor!"

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