2 PUCH Sports for sale

I have 2 PUCH Sports I’m selling. They belonged to my in laws and I kept them running over the years. Admittedly they were not running for the last 5 so here is what I did;

New carbs, new fuel petcocks and fuel lines, new spark plugs, flushed both fuel tanks and removed the funk, new chain on pedal side (drive side was cleaned and (lubricated), trans fluid changed and air in tires. Tires not dry rotted. Headlights, taillights and horns work. Both stop on a dime. One is the 1.5 hp the other is the 1.0 hp. Ive been running them around the neighborhood and all is good. The 1.5 is obviously faster (about 26 mph with my daughter on it. She weights 118. The 1.0 is not as fast and needs some carb adjusting. The 1.0 has a small tear in the front of the seat. I’m moving and want them to find new homes. I just wanted to get them running so the next buyer knew they worked. Selling the 1.5 for $525 and the 1.0 for $475 or the pair for $950. Email me at: dnelsoncrf@gmail.com Location is Denton Md. NO SHIPPING PLEASE. Dan (edited)


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How far apart are the frame numbers?

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Re: 2 PUCH Sports for sale

Too bad this guy doesn't ship...

Re: 2 PUCH Sports for sale

What kind of mileage are on them...?

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Yeah the OP should post pics of both speedos to show mileage. All in all both bikes do look good. I could easily buy the 1.5hp one off him for his asking price but I live in Ohio and would need it shipped and he stated he won't ship (edited)

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> Thomas Peffer Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Too bad this guy doesn't ship...

Buy a bus ticket and ride it home.

The adventure could be epic.

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