wtb: used Hobbit Jammy

Do you have an old one on the cheap and shipped to 15102?

I can paint the chamber if its scratched up and/or rusty, but a decent baffle would be nice though.

It's going on an experimental hack n weld.

If you are into Honda's: PA50 NC50 NA50 , I have a 6V sealed beam Hobbit / Express headlight with good hi and low filaments that I would trade for a nice clean Jammy.

Re: wtb: used Hobbit Jammy

I also have a good hobbit headlight bucket for trade with good mounting tabs if that's more to your liking.

Re: wtb: used Hobbit Jammy


if you don't have one of these hobbit jammy's but you do have a late model Safari V1 pipe ('85 ~ '91) like this one, i might into that too.

Re: wtb: used Hobbit Jammy

up... a used puch jammy would be fine to, its the same as the hobbit but with different mounting tab

Re: wtb: used Hobbit Jammy

no you dont!

Re: wtb: used Hobbit Jammy

hahaha.... ok! ok!

so i guess i dont want the jammy (either one)

then whos got a plain old 'treats' chamber? or an old timey V1 'shaft' chamber? or chrome A35 tecno bullet?

basically, its just gonna get cut up and shimmed onto a long header so any decent chamber with a straight shot into the chamber header is likely doable... smallish ID like 22~25ish is fine cause its going on a skinny 22mm OD header

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