Pa 50 2 motor


Future home of my watercooler. I might be willing to sell this motor which I believe is pristine. I had to steal the grommet off the magneto but I've got it as well as the variator washer in the mail from treats. I would bench test this and run it before I sold it to anyone unless desperation is ruling one who wants it. If really serious email me off my profile or pm me. This probablynisnone of those amazing cases that you can do anything to. I have the oem exhaust and it so clean. As well as the magneto . 1200 miles on the Speedo. Anyway let me know. Because then I need a fourth Hobbit if I keep it. No .... I will post other redundancies as things progress.

Re: Pa 50 2 motor

price ?

love me some yellow hobbits too

Re: Pa 50 2 motor

Still thinking but it's a good one.

Re: Pa 50 2 motor

I've out the sale of this engine on hold. Sorry for posting it for sale. I want to keep a perfect spare case.

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