19mm PHBG AS Lot


Getting out of the PHBG game & going back stock. All of the items were recently bought from Treatland/Dos Cycles

19mm PHBG w/ OEM air filter (screw in kind)

MLM V1 PHBG intake

Doppler "alien eye" tunable air filter box

Foam filter & metal filter

Shoot me an offer! Thanks!

Re: 19mm PHBG AS Lot

OEM air filter sold.

Everything else is still up for sale.

Shoot me an offer!!

Re: 19mm PHBG AS Lot

PHBG $50

MLM v1 Intake $25

Doppler hi flow tuneable filter $25

All these prices are shipped in the US

Re: 19mm PHBG AS Lot

Phbg and Doppler filter sold.

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