Wtb. Tomos, puch maxi, or puch magnum

Looking to buy my first moped. I live in montana and the pickings are very very slim up here. Want something in good shape that would be easy to upgrade. Looking to spend 800 max before shipping.

Re: Wtb. Tomos, puch maxi, or puch magnum

Michael Brown /

Baby blue is my favorite color

Re: Wtb. Tomos, puch maxi, or puch magnum

♣Slew Foot♣ /

? How bout an a3 frame you figure how to get it. I hear I could palatize it. I could probably add an a3 oem setup. You would have to replace a motor mount. Straighten the bars he'll I got a bucket and pedals too I've prolly got everything. It is all disassembled and needs bearings and new seals gaskets the stator flywheel s r iffy at best tho. I think if it is palitized you can pre arrange a bus ride. You have to agree to receive it. It is blue it's a 1977 a3sp both side covers with rubbers. I towed an SUV with it while giving a guy hands only CPR look up post moped saves life. This is said moped.

It will take a bit to get it all together and a bit of shipping. I am on the east to west train line and there's an intermodal yard and a major truck hub here you know an over the road trucker he might have pick ups near here. I have the previous owners receipt to me with info. Never titled or deceased title.

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