Sachs in Cleveland for $350

Just noticed this ad a few minutes ago... (edited)

Re: Sachs in Cleveland for $350

I've never run Sachs,but that one looks worth more than asking price. Basic short range moped.

Re: Sachs in Cleveland for $350

Trent Anderson /

Looks complete and clean, 800 miles. I'm thinking it's a little under priced. I have no experience with Sachs, though. (edited)

Re: Sachs in Cleveland for $350

Probably Fred /

> Don Ohio Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------


> Basic short range moped.

Uh huh ya My sentiments exactly but some people like them and that looks like to be a 30mph D cylinder and crank and could have 3 disk clutch so it should be OK if the clutch pads aren't glazed over/destroyed and if it comes with the original airbox, carb and jetting designed for the D engine with 100% stock original parts, if it’s a A,B or C cylinder no, too much money,

Best to run a sachs moped stock for if modded for more power you could get clutch issues,

Try to get the price down to less than three bills if you can

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