Puch Moped Hat

Custom Maxi Moped Hat

I can make the moped frame any of these colors listed below.

Blue, white, green, yellow, orange, purple, red, gold, brown, pink, grey, burgundy, turquoise, navy blue, army green.

25$ shipped in United States


Re: Puch Moped Hat

Super rad man! I might have to get one soon, I’ll hit you up!

Re: Puch Moped Hat

Thanks a lot Adolfo!

Re: Puch Moped Hat



Re: Puch Moped Hat

Jaxon Andrews /

That's dope bro, once I get all the crap I need for my tomos I'll hit you up :)

Re: Puch Moped Hat

Do you have the HATS in red,or other colors? White is so easy to get greasy looking and never comes clean. Just asking.

Re: Puch Moped Hat

Andrea Novoa /


Re: Puch Moped Hat

Yes thank you!

Here is a picture of the colors I have available.

Left side I have 2 of each color

Far right side I have single color

I can get more this is what I have at the moment.


Re: Puch Moped Hat

Thank you yes I agree with you

It’s mopeds I posted an image in previous post.

Re: Puch Moped Hat

Thank you Jaxon

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