FS: Sachs Prima G3 Project

Don't have time for this project.

I have 3 Sachs mopeds.

1 is a 1979 Prima G3 with the 505/1d

1 is a 1980 Prima G3 with the 505/1b

1 is a 1978 Westlake with a 508/? engine. You can interchange different heads on it apparently. It has an old athena kit bolted on, i think it's a 65cc but not 100% sure.

The 1980 and 1978 both have clean titles, but the 1979 doesn't have a title. I bought the 1980 parts bike for the title, and the westlake for the kit, but never got around to doing anything with them. The 1979 and 1978 both ran and drove since i've owned them, but they haven't been started in 5+ years. I have the parts that are missing from the 1980 in a box. All 3 have been stored in doors since i've owned them.

Not sure what the demand currently is for a project like this, so make me an offer. I'd prefer to sell locally to Green Bay, Wisconsin, but would ship for the right price.


Re: FS: Sachs Prima G3 Project

Re: FS: Sachs Prima G3 Project


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