Selling my Tomos LX - $1600 OBO

Perry Kalmus /

Sadly CHOKE moped shop out here in LA shut down and I have to get rid of this bad boy. It's been sitting in my garage for a few years, but it's basically brand new. Almost the whole engine was rebuilt, so it's all new parts. The only thing is the starter. It doesn't seem to want to turn over. But other than that, she is a beauty.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Re: Selling my Tomos LX - $1600 OBO

1600$ for a non running tomos!?!?!? ahhhhhhhh this should be good

Re: Selling my Tomos LX - $1600 OBO

Beach Club Nick /

Yeah your price is really quite high. Someone is selling (or just sold) a 2018 Tomos for $800, about half your price.

Re: Selling my Tomos LX - $1600 OBO

There is no electric start on an lx. Gotta kick it over. I bet a carb clean and some fresh gas and this thing will pur. $1600 is high for me even for Craigslist. I would say $1200 or 1400 is about max for a nice stock ttlx. But yea yours isn't currently operating, so I would take about $200 off of whatever you are thinking its valued at.

Re: Selling my Tomos LX - $1600 OBO

campeona del mundo /

youre saying 1k for a non running tomos? prices down in socal are pretty low man...that's a 600 dollar bike tops.

Re: Selling my Tomos LX - $1600 OBO



I gotta pack up a truck of junk and go sell shit on the side of the road in Silverlake.

Re: Selling my Tomos LX - $1600 OBO

1600 is a steal don't let these bozos tell you other wise. In my option you should be asking at least 3500

Re: Selling my Tomos LX - $1600 OBO

I'll give you 850, plus shipping, if you can tell me a little more about what I would need to fix.

Edit: Nevermind, I'm set (edited)

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