Shot in the dark

I'm looking for all the plastics so gas tank those neat fender flairs fenders and headlight housing for that bravo


Re: Shot in the dark

Jimmy Cincinnati /

man thats legit! why is it the really cool mopeds were all scarcely made??? Like the Lagunas or TSM's...

Re: Shot in the dark

Dirty30 Dillon /

Super Bravo's are 10x neater than a TSM.

Contact Blake @, he may have what you're looking for.

Re: Shot in the dark

Robert Emery /

Like as much as they are hated I always liked the graphics on jawas. Super 80s when it was the 90s. The Miami colors vespa is are super rad too. But, I've always digged neat graphics. If I cant find stateside I think I'll have to reach out to Europe for everything. Which sucks but, it is what it is

Re: Shot in the dark

Blake Totally a real doctor /

Yeah I don't have that tank but I do have a set of fenders for a Super Bravo. They are black plastic ones though.

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