1983 Suzuki FA50


I'm too big for this fella. Runs ok but I think the oil pump might be leaking a bit and causing it to run rich and stall after a while. I have an oil pump bypass/blockoff kit for it so you can run premix. Also comes with an MLM Circuit Pipe. All lights work. Horn works. Just rebuild the carb with an OEM kit. New spark plug. Plenty of compression.

Just hit 20mph with my 280lb fat ass on it. Less than 1000 miles. (945 to be exact)

Tires should probably be replaced.

Will trade for Puch or some moped that's larger. May also consider a BMX bike of some sort.

$400 obo in Salem MA

Re: 1983 Suzuki FA50

You still have the Suzuki ? Trying to get one to match my other


Re: 1983 Suzuki FA50

I knew I forgot to take down all the ads

no, sorry it sold to another FA50 collector

apparently it had a lot of intact trim pieces and plastics that are hard to find.

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