FS 1978 Puch maxi

Sad day for me but need some cash to put into my other bikes soooo here it is folks. 78 maxi 2 hp model with 70cc tccd treats kit, high high comp head, estoril exhaust, 21mm Dellorto carb, 18x45 gearing, new seat, adjustable rear shocks. 2930 miles.

Needs- new clutch cable, new throttle grip, needs to be timed properly, new spark plug wire and coil.


Located in Manchester CT Pick up only


Re: FS 1978 Puch maxi

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

Front forks look bent to me.

Re: FS 1978 Puch maxi

Ah shit I posted the old picture before I replaced the forks


Re: FS 1978 Puch maxi

Chöschi21 C.K. /

I wish i could find Puchs around here for 500, well, i did find one, but you won't find a good Running one for under 1k

Re: FS 1978 Puch maxi


Re: FS 1978 Puch maxi

unrelated to sale, where did u get the seat thats on this bike?

Re: FS 1978 Puch maxi

Sold sold sold

Re: FS 1978 Puch maxi

grats on sale. thanks for the link nick!

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