Hobbit parts

Aaron Elvato /

I have 2 hobbit lots

First lot is ($120 local) $140 shipped (1st pic)

Second lot is ($100 local) $120 shipped (2nd pic)

Ships from Portland OR, buyers pays PayPal fees or you can use FF option,

If purchased separate

Pa50ii cases asking $60 each set

Stock points ignition with ht coil and spark plug boot asking $40

Clutch bell w/ complete starter clutch and vario with weights no plate asking $40

1977 mopeds never installed hobbit cdi no cdi box or flywheel cam asking $40

Stock hobbit carbs asking $25 each

Stock hobbit cylinder and head asking $10

Stock air filter box and snorkel asking $10

Let me know what you need.


Re: Hobbit parts

Aaron Elvato /


Re: Hobbit parts

Aaron Elvato /

Cylinder and head are gone.

Make an offer if you need something.

Re: Hobbit parts

Is air filter box still available?

PM me.

Re: Hobbit parts

Aaron Elvato /

Clutch/bell/vario combo is sold.

Still got some parts, holla!

Re: Hobbit parts

Aaron Elvato /


Taking offers.

Re: Hobbit parts

Jessie Paull /

I'm looking for a gas tank and headlight bezel if you have either?

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