WTB: Peugeot stuff

Zach Riddle /

Looking for some stock varitor weights to play with at least 2 or more. Would also be interested in some a35 reeds if ya got'em.

Other things im in the market for. Launch lever, more clutch plates, variator spring and maybe some pipes if its something i dont already have. Also maybe an er3 if the price ia right.

Re: WTB: Peugeot stuff

I have some weights. maybey two sets 10.00 shipped

Re: WTB: Peugeot stuff

I have a er3 . I’ll sell it .

Re: WTB: Peugeot stuff

Angelo Massimino /

I've for sale this Sito Cobra 2 performance exhaust.

If interested, drop me a email.

peugeot 103 cobra2 performance exhaust.JPG

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