WTB Puch Magnum

Looking for a running Puch Magnum in good condition. I am in New York but will travel to pick up the right bike.

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***Kim Jong illest*** /

What's your budget?

Re: WTB Puch Magnum

Maybe around $1000.00

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Dirty30 Dillon /

We have a Magnum XK in the shop that is in less than good condition, but it has all the components there for someone looking to do a resto. I could even through in a fresh top end and crank and seals to start the rebuild. All for less than the above budget.

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That sounds cool. Any pics?

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> Stoph Erson Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Maybe around $1000.00

not enough to get any of mine........you have to realize, the butcher of belvedere has shown us all how to make over 2k on a runt of the mill magnum....and the people here have been keeping that guy in the chopping business for 13 yrs that i have been aware..... :(

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I'm in central PA and will sell my Well running 1979 magnum II. great condition, obviously not perfect, has patina and wear and tear. but a good running bike and all original goes 30mph pretty peppy. not looking to get rid of it but will to the right person. lets talk!


Re: WTB Puch Magnum

That is a nice bike. What are you looking to get out of it?

Re: WTB Puch Magnum

Randy Oehlerking /

Ugh...The Butcher....Hate that guy.

Re: WTB Puch Magnum

I ended up buying a 1977 Honda CB750A Hondamatic for $1200. Not looking for a Magnum now because I spent my saved bike money on the motorcycle.

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