Vespa Grande Luggage Rack

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy a vespa grande back luggage rack - hopefully an original from the super deluxe versions! They look so cool and I would really like to find one.

Any other suggestions for a back/luggage rack for my 79 vespa grande? I would like to mount a surfboard rack to it as well.


Re: Vespa Grande Luggage Rack

Robert Linhares /

Madelin, please reference my freshly posted ad in the selling section. I am trying to find a home for the carrying case I removed from my Cimatti City Bike. Pictures are from the May 23, 2019 ad posted by treehouse 99.

Sincerely, Robert.

Re: Vespa Grande Luggage Rack

kevin smellaflange /

side loops...home depot

Re: Vespa Grande Luggage Rack

I got this dual luggage rack / basket from Doscycles and hose clamped them on. Nothing fancy, but has been extremely useful.


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