Puch Jammer 6.4 for sale

As the title says, got one of these for sale.

My current setup doesn't take full advantage of what this has to offer. Bummer for me but my loss is your gain.

Less than 25 miles on it. Like-new condition. Pre soaked in Royal Purple ATF. Comes with all 3 sets of springs. Paid $130 at treats. Yours for $105 shipped OBO.

Also open to offers of trades + cash if you have an OEM pedal start Puch / Korado 3 Shoe Clutch (not any of the "super clutch" stuff)

PM me if you're interested or if you have something I might want


Andrew (edited)

Re: Puch Jammer 6.4 for sale

OBO ^^^

Re: Puch Jammer 6.4 for sale


Re: Puch Jammer 6.4 for sale

PM returned

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