1977 Puch Kromag Freespirit De Luxe 48cc Original Unrestored

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These Puch Kromag mopeds were sold from 1977-78 by Sears in the USA as the Sears Freespirit De Luxe, and under other distributors in Europe and elsewhere. The Freespirit was part of and shared components with the Puch Maxi family of mopeds, and these rides were considered the Mercedes of mopeds and popular for decades around the world. Sears sold various Puch-made models since 1957, and the Freespirit was sibling to the JC Penney Pinto/Swinger mopeds also by Puch. One of the most thorough articles I found on these machines is at http://www.icenicam.org.uk/articles5/art0085.html.

This vintage unit was last run around the block over a decade ago, and before that probably not since the 90's. It's been in the family since my Dad worked for Puch in the 70's. Family lore is that this unit was a prototype imported for demonstration to Sears, and was never actually sold at retail. It now fell back to me, and I'd love to find a home where it can be rebuilt, or it can be used to rebuild another one like it, and keep the legacy of these mopeds going. There were Haynes Manuals printed for them that are now available online. You will need to come to Santa Cruz to collect this prize, I'll buy you lunch on the wharf. Make me an offer!

Limited to three pictures here, I created a craiglist listing with lots of details photos for you to inspect the condition of this ride:

http://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/mcy/d/santa-cruz-1977-puch-kromag-freespirit/6884787378.html (edited)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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