FS: 15mm Bink Clone +Hobbit Bink Intake


Intake machined from a solid piece of aluminum I believe by another member on here.15mm Bing clone, believe it has 2.22 atomizer, jetted to a Hobbit polini kit with a treats pipe. Ran great but I just upgraded to VM20.

To run this u will have to mod your airbix cheetahchrome style https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Cheetahchromes_hobbit_sub-frame_modification_for_painless_carb_extraction

60shipped for all. Not splitting up.


Re: FS: 15mm Bink Clone +Hobbit Bink Intake

Emil Kniemel /

Is the stock intake machined out to match as well?

Re: FS: 15mm Bink Clone +Hobbit Bink Intake

No, the stock intake was not matched. Probably left a few mph on the table. Worked well though, an improvement over stock for sure.

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