FS (VA) _ Tomos Sprint

Just finished going through this one. Bike is completo and in great shape. Has the decals I can the fruit stripe sprint. Runs right up to just over 35 easily with the biturdo.

Fresh bits; New rings and gaskets on the top end. Cleaned and rebuilt carb. Replaced brake cables. New petcock. Rebuilt 1st/2nd clutches with new treatland shoes. Replaced pedal shaft seal.

Bike is located in Dublin, VA (24084). Post, PM, or E-mail with any questions or offers.

Cherry Tomos Sprint.jpg

Re: FS (VA) _ Tomos Sprint


Re: FS (VA) _ Tomos Sprint

Josiah Radebaugh /

If you weren't in VA I might have been interested... Why does Ohio have nothing but garbage...

Re: FS (VA) _ Tomos Sprint

Alexandro Ramirez-Nagy /

Because Ohio is small, pathetic, rural, poor, and trash. The opposite of prime moped territory/environment.

Re: FS (VA) _ Tomos Sprint

Very interested. Are you willing to travel to pa?

Re: FS (VA) _ Tomos Sprint

any interest in selling that rg50?

Re: FS (VA) _ Tomos Sprint

Nice Fruit Stripe Tomos I have the same one. GLWS

Re: FS (VA) _ Tomos Sprint

Horry Francois /

I feel your pain

Re: FS (VA) _ Tomos Sprint

SOLD! Thanks guys, dropped this one off with it's new owner today.

> Riley Siltler Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> any interest in selling that rg50?

Good eye. I'm still hunting for the 50, that's my rg250. Not for sale currently. Only reason I'll consider selling is if I need to make room for an rgv whenever I can find one within budget

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