FS: Magnum X

For sale 1979 Magnum X dirtbike.

Great project dirt bike.

Clean original frame, original wheels been painted silver, they spin true.

Tank is clean inside. Seat been recovered. Forks seem to be stuck.

Fenders been replaced w/ aftermarket.

Za50 engine needs a stator and flywheel, and carb. I have the stock exhaust.

$500 obo

Columbus Ohio


Re: FS: Magnum X

Is that the motor I sold you?

Re: FS: Magnum X


Re: FS: Magnum X

Why is it always in Ohio?

Re: FS: Magnum X

HandsomeSteve ! /

If it only had the Kickstart motor still on it.

Re: FS: Magnum X

I stole the rear fender off, so now $480

Re: FS: Magnum X

Josiah Radebaugh /

I'll give ya 50 bucks

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