FS Puch za50

Puch za50.

Non oil injected maxi motor.

Complete minus stator/flywheel.

Turns over.

Bottom end $150

Hi torq top end $40

whole motor $175


Re: FS Puch za50

May trade for a e50 (edited)

Re: FS Puch za50

I'm interested, but I'm kinda concerned about how far it's been tore down and what's been molested inside. I don't see the tranny cover bolts installed. Also, what's that big wear spot from? Do you have any history of the motor?

Re: FS Puch za50

pm sent

Re: FS Puch za50

Good deal! I can't. Bump!

Re: FS Puch za50


Re: FS Puch za50


Re: FS Puch za50

Have a good trans side cover, w/ new bearings also for sale.

Would be good for this motor since the cover has pedal scarring.

Re: FS Puch za50

Richard Eberline /

most likely has a small clutch bell.

he has backed out of a sachs rear snowflake sale for his asking price.

Re: FS Puch za50



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