FS: Two Vespa Super Bravos

I will be posting updated pictures, these were both taken a while back. Located in St. Louis, MO.

1991 Vespa Bravo: No longer has a ks motor and has a single speed transmission. Sold locally, was running, came back non-running, but turns over and should just need some carb cleaning or minor work to get it running. I dont think the lights were sorted out when it whent from 12v to 6v. I have a factory long seat if preferred over the single saddle. The wheels are a super sweet color and look good w/ the purple. Has nice grey sidecovers, I also have one of the purple ones, but one was missing when I got it. Nice base for a solid build. $350


1988 Vespa Super Bravo: Variated transmission, NOS seat, newer low mile heidenau k32 tires. Super sweet plastic tank, longer than normal bravo fork tubes. No longer has ks motor. Motor turns over, but it was from a non-running bike unknown condition. $450 (I wouldnt be selling this bike, but I stole the motor from it to build and equally cool Gilera Trend)


Kick-start motor: factory cdi, ks subframe and all ks components, dr kit, cut crank. This was on a bike and not running right, but I suspect it could be sorted out pretty easily. I know longer need it for the project it was originally ment for, thought about keeping it for parts, but willing to sell. I did a sloppy job opening the intake duration of the crank, but seems useable. Worst case scenerio you may need a new crank, maybe rebuild using the special ks piece on another crank? $275 shipped.

Proma high boy pipe: Proma pipe that comes up like a dirt bike pipe, looks slick on the Super Bravo. $150 shipped. (custom silencer) looks like this: http://www.vespa-ciao.nl/onderdelen/uitlaten/promasummit.jpg

**Willing to sell the ks motor/subframe and proma summit hi-boy pipe in a package with the Super Bravo**

Willing to consider trades: complete running bikes, vespa polini vario, new 46mm pinasco kit, ciao ebrs, a minarelli v1 mlm cali pipe, m1 mlm cali pipe, a leo vince, hm pipe, vespa malossi, maybe other vespa or minarelli specific goodies.

Re: FS: Two Vespa Super Bravos


Updated pics of the purple Bravo. I think it may actually be a 1995. Special snowflake stickers should come off pretty easy.


Re: FS: Two Vespa Super Bravos

Updated pictures of the red/white bravo coming tonight.

I have another euro Bravo minus motor subframe and wheels.-Make an offer

Re: FS: Two Vespa Super Bravos

Good looking bikes!!!

... but where’s the pearl white guy?

Re: FS: Two Vespa Super Bravos

That's the third one mentioned. More of a very light pearlescent blue

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