Parts Clearance (Boston, MA)

Hi Everyone

Unless otherwise noted these parts were bought, installed, but never actually saw use. They are new out of box, some modified for the Sachs G3. I'll ship anywhere in the US of A, but you'll need to pay shipping. I will quote you per item or per shipment based on USPS rate. Prices are reasonably negotiable. Pictures are available upon request.

You can pay with Venmo, Paypal, Carrier Pigeon, Cash (if local)

I have the following parts for sale:

puch maxi EBR black hydraulic forks - 26mm head tube


Yokes milled to fit Sachs G3 frame (a few mills taken out of top yoke to fit over head tube). This item was dry fitted and never run on the street, slight dremmel work on drop out to remove powder coating to fit axle (part was over finished).

pirelli ML75 moped tire - 16 x 2.50 (x2)

$70.00 for both

Fitted and seated but never run

sachs AIRSAL 43.5mm 70cc cylinder kit with removable head


Fitted and installed but never run

sachs 505 TOP racing crankshaft - evolution series


bearings fitted, installed, never run, sold with bearings (spec below)

vespa, sachs & solex crankshaft bearing + minarelli counter shaft bearing 6202

installed on TOP crankshaft, sells with crank

AUTHENTIC bing 15mm carburetor puch moped


fitted and never run

MLM bing velocity stack air filter - stainless steel


fitted and never run

sachs giannelli performance exhaust pipe


fitted and never run (seeing a pattern?)

Sachs G3 Frame

missing 1 lower bar - currently has the EBR forks on it, swingarm might be slightly bentmessage for price

Sachs 505 spare engines (x2)


can't remember the variant ... not the good one. Engines are complete and will sell in crates, one had a seized jug (hence the new kit)

Re: Parts Clearance (Boston, MA)


Re: Parts Clearance (Boston, MA)

Velocity stack SOLD

Re: Parts Clearance (Boston, MA)

One tire sold, one available

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