Any Projects in Seattle? Preferably French. WTB

I will be in Seattle March 24-27 on business. Anybody have any project bikes available? Variated, Ideally Pug or Moby. Dual variated would be cool. I'm looking for something different than I already have, because I like variety. No complete rust buckets please. Otherwise, I don't really care how much work it needs, within reason, as long as it's close to complete. Needs everything is fine.

Re: Any Projects in Seattle? Preferably French. WTB

Why not just email us? The only French project we have rn is a 73 cady. Its a rare model with full suspension. Missing a few things, bars, controls, front wheel bearings, probably some other important stuff I have forgotten. Unfortunately it has the isodyne engine which is cool, but rather limited. The engine is all there, but its stuck, probably would come back to life with minimal effort if you were wanting to resurect it. We also have a slough of hobbits and maybe a Canadian peugeot 103 if you're just wanting a roller. Either way you should drop in and check out the shop while you're in town.

Re: Any Projects in Seattle? Preferably French. WTB

Hey Daniel, I was planning on shooting you an email after I get into town Sunday Eve, to get your addy and hours. I definitely hope to make it into your shop while I'm in town. I'll do some reading on the Cady. May be a possibility.

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