WTB '73-'81 Sebring tank

carrie schreck /

Hey there, I'd like to replace my dented '73 Sebring tank with a new one in good condition that I can clean and powder coat, I think the Motomarina is also the same tank but not sure, anyone holding?

OG tank looks like the one below, thanks!


Re: WTB '73-'81 Sebring tank

Carrie, have seen the dry ice method of popping dents. It might help your tank. Or at least till you find a replacement. Just Google, plenty of how to videos.

Re: WTB '73-'81 Sebring tank

I didn't know they MADE a 73 Sebring. Earliest I knew was 78. The years of the bike you showed were 78-91 top tanks,I believe. But that bike in particular was only a Motobecane from 79-80,I think. Tank's were just relabeled.

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