Fs - Moped door mats

I posted up one I made on Facebook and got a few messages of people wanting them so I figured I’d post it here !

I can print really anything if you want a certain moped brand or your gang logo I can do that . Perfect for your garage or even your front door !

They are 24x16 $35 shipped

Here’s a few examples I’ve done the puch and derbi ones are up for grabs


Re: Fs - Moped door mats

Blake Totally a real doctor /

Dang that's a pretty sweet deal! I'll have to send you an email when I'm back in town.

Re: Fs - Moped door mats

Oooh I'd be down for a Landsquids one to secretly place on a certain LA-based former Squid's doorstep...

Re: Fs - Moped door mats

Just send me a message !

Re: Fs - Moped door mats

Puch one is sold

Re: Fs - Moped door mats

Yes mike Boyd ! Give him a kiss for me too

Re: Fs - Moped door mats

Super sick! Feel like making a piaggio mat? PM me

Re: Fs - Moped door mats

Russell Huddy /

I need that Derbi mat

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