Black Puch nostalgia

Anybody hoarding away a black nostalgia puch frame?

Would be interested in buying one, Forks/fender/swingarm and frame.

Re: Black Puch nostalgia

William Johnson /

I had to toss one with a hole in it a couple months ago :(

Re: Black Puch nostalgia

Probably Fred /

Why !

It’s a tiny rim most times one HP, five wire Stator bike pretty much worthless in my opinion!

well I weigh 195 LB and if I hit any kind of pot hole with a thin style rims that Come with the stupid nostalgic the rim explodes! The five Stator or 3 wire ignition on a puch sucks too,

the six wire is bulletproof !

I had several nostalgic and N style rigid bikes! I couldn’t wait to unload them though one I had hit 31 mph stock is kind of like a freak but still with small Bicycle type rims and everything else made for a girls size person in 1970s before America became obese!

I couldn’t wait for a buyer and I lost money on most of those tiny rims size maxi type bikes!

You must be a small soy boy weighting around 130 pounds that could be twisted in a pretzel by a medium size American woman!

Feel Sorry for you !

Re: Black Puch nostalgia

GTFO with that soy boy shit, just cuz you're an older dude don't mean you need to subsist on a fox news diet brah

Re: Black Puch nostalgia

Ken your a funny dude. Got any cheap puchs that you'd sell me?

I want one of these because these are one of the few factory black puchs made and I will be putting my own wheels and motor on it so, yea. Just like in the car world, factory black paint is just cool.

Re: Black Puch nostalgia


I do just across town, but not for sale. My first puch <3

Re: Black Puch nostalgia

☠️💀Kim Jong illest💀☠️ /

I've got a nostalgia frame. $400

Re: Black Puch nostalgia

I got a black Newport II frame. Tanks fullo holes. Hanging on my garage wall. My first puchy.

Re: Black Puch nostalgia

moped people.....smh

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