Benelli Mini FS

Caleb Walker /

This isn't mine, but I thought is was cool enough to post here. be sweet if a moped-er bought it.

Re: Benelli Mini FS

kevin Smellaflange /

this might be a dynamo

Re: Benelli Mini FS

kevin Smellaflange /

they might be street legal, handlebar mount bracket is visible.

if it's worth it to u,then ''snagit'' & tuck it under your arm, head to your family station wagon with your ''new2u'' piece '0' golden Mediterranean snack.

the money is the start, eat sleep & breath this bike

in books, blogs notes, speak nothing but Italian in your house from this day 4th.

Re: Benelli Mini FS

It's like 65cc & a 4Speed 33mph stock.

(Different forks/wheels stretched Swing Arm & I'd make it my Daily Driver)

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