1980 Pacer with M1 unmolested - $550

Luigi Garzone /

Located in Kenilworth NJ 07033

Pickup on any Friday/Saturday/Sunday

$550 takes it - no title

This was an impulse buy for me, now realizing I have too many projects on my plate already.

Bike is totally complete with a clean gas tank. Doesn't have spark but I'm 99% sure it's just a case of Italian brake light.

Only negatives is the tail light plastic is broken where it attaches to the rear frame as seen in photos.

Has Morini M1 case inducted reee valve engine + dell'orto carb, I think 14:12

I don't have time for this bike otherwise I think a day of work could get it going, compression is good. I'm in dental school and should probably pay more attention to my classes.


Re: 1980 Pacer with M1 unmolested - $550


Re: 1980 Pacer with M1 unmolested - $550

That's a 150 mpg engine. Since the chain is rusty,I'm guessing it needs points cleaned and set and it will go.

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