Lookin for a project seattle people

im starting to itch....sold my magnum in may to great dude across the sound.... i need to get back into this and my hobbit is sorted...sooooooooooooo

anybody have anything that needs work and wanna get rid of it? Seized? OKEYDOKEY!!! Neglected? HEY,HOW ARE YA!!

might just drop by mtm and see what they have around, I haven't had the initiative to take the ferry over and check 'em out, thats probably a good idea.... ive serviced every old tube radio and tv within 10 miles and nobodys calling lately...im running outta fun time thingys!

Re: Lookin for a project seattle people

Come by mtm!! We have a couple cheapie projects.

Re: Lookin for a project seattle people

I have a Peugeot 103 in pieces and a Murray all together. Both are rough but can be restored. $150 for each.

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