Tanks alot

WTB, gas tank (UN-rotty) for a pacer deluxe. Lmk , tanks


Re: Tanks alot

Crickets fkn in here ! Shhhhh

Re: Tanks alot

How much Ya' wanna pay? I might be able to get one for you...

Re: Tanks alot

kevin Smellaflange /

Dear, got caught...

u should glass over a tank.

then you'll have the shape w/o the rust...

hope that helped...Holden Wang

Re: Tanks alot

John Konstantine /

Here is a Pacer moped tank listed on ebay. In the past, I bought some moped parts from this ebay seller: rustbeltcycleparts123.

Pacer Moped Gas tank that is listed on ebay from rustbeltcycleparts123

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