E50, Puch shims in stock, $20/shipped for 12 assorted pack

Ryan Rice /

I currently have a ONE more of these in stock, selling them for $20 per set.

After that one sells, If I get a couple more people ready to buy more of them, then I'll refresh my stock.

PAYPAL the funds to me ( ryan7rice@msn.com ) along with your shipping address and out they go...check the old threads for references and personal credibility.


For those just seeing this for the first time, I've been selling these shim kits for about 5 years now...check the other threads for more info and past purchasers.


For sale- assorted packs of 12 various E50 clutch shims shipped to the lower 48 states.

These are proper hardened steel shims.

They will be taped to small piece of cardboard and shipped via USPS in a regular envelope.

6- Large End/Inner Shims 17mm x 24mm in the following thicknesses

2@ 0.5mm

2@ 0.3mm

2@ 0.1mm

6-Small End/Outer shims, 15mm x 21mm (stock is 15x22) but there shouldn't be any issues with a 1mm smaller outer diameter that I am aware of.




With these sets (especially when combined with stock shims) you should be able to stack them in various configurations to get your racing cranks and clutches setup within stock tolerances. Stop sanding down your small end shims to get your outer circlips installed on those cheape race cranks. Stop leaving to much slop between your starter clutch pads and plates. Get your Puch Maxi, Magnum, Free Spirit, Pinto, Dart and Kromag setup properly.

Re: E50, Puch shims in stock, $20/shipped for 12 assorted pack

Ryan Rice /


More on the way if demand warrants it.

Technically the last set just sold....BUUUT- I have some interest in getting more. If several more of you still want these shim kits, let me know now and I'll order up another batch. I could have them in about a week. Otherwise, I don't want to tie up my money up in these if demand for them has dwindled.

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