WTB: Vespa Ciao frame

Really missing mine after getting wreaked from non-yielding, left turning cager.

Looking for square post seat-style frame.

Book rack, seat, and gas cap a plus. Don't mind surface rust in gas tank, but no pin holes. No choppy choppy or bent frames please.

Tell me price shipped to CA. Pm me pictures. Thank you!

Re: WTB: Vespa Ciao frame

Michael Domanski has a yellow bare frame. Well I know he use to.

Re: WTB: Vespa Ciao frame

Re: WTB: Vespa Ciao frame

Thanks Stephen. I'll inquire.

Re: WTB: Vespa Ciao frame

Hey man, know your looking for a square post but this guy is a pretty good deal! https://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/d/sacramento-ciao-moped/6817960903.html

Re: WTB: Vespa Ciao frame

Hey Jack!

Thanks for looking out. That is a good deal, especially for California. I'm gonna try and hold out for what I want.

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