1983 Kawasaki ar50

That’s right ! Will post pics tomorrow but selling this baby to fund a trip. Titled, registration is due next month (was a pain to get this titled and registered but it’s all done). Running, but been sitting for a month and half went to Mexico to visit family. Located in San Diego. Shoot me a message willing to negotiate!

Re: 1983 Kawasaki ar50

Lovely wee bikes, had one at age 16 back in the day. Worth a pretty penny over here in the UK these days. Mines was in the black and red, but look better in green.

Re: 1983 Kawasaki ar50

William Johnson /

Was this imported? I thought 82 was the only year we got them

Re: 1983 Kawasaki ar50

Nope it was not, thought the same thing but when I took it to a title specialist they found out it was an 83. Even listed as so on the title

Re: 1983 Kawasaki ar50

I also Have the fairing( semi busted up and has a #93 racing stripe think they used to race this bad boy) and side covers also just took them off and also a replacement tail piece the one on it right now is broken. Also have the rear grab bar and passenger foot pedals and hardware just took stuff off to make it look bare( my neighborhood is a bit sketchy!) .Also recently replaced the clutch discs and springs. Cheers !


Re: 1983 Kawasaki ar50

I’ll sell you mine ;). Cheers !

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