FS: French stuff

So I have a tub of French stuff I don’t need.

The two kits in the upper right have strippy exhaust threads, free with purchase.

Prices are shipped

-av7 bottom $45

-av7 ignitions $35 complete

-av7 ignition no I nut and missing mounting hardware

-av7 variator shroud and mounting brackets $15

-Av7 pipe $25

-Peugeot pipe $20

-av7 head w/decomp $25

-gurtner $10

-slightly off Pulley free with purchase

-Variators all for $60 dented bell on two of em.

Everything else is cheap or free.

Buy everything for $130 shipped!


Re: FS: French stuff

Josiah Radebaugh /

I'll give ya 5 dolla for the gurtner

Re: FS: French stuff

PMed Pug Pipe

Re: FS: French stuff

Peugeot pipe gone!

Re: FS: French stuff


Got my roommates old orange moby too up for grabs cheap. You might of been blasted by this at flock yeha if you were around back then.

Re: FS: French stuff

Bruce Zapper /

PM Sent

Re: FS: French stuff

Chloe Feldman /

Dude is that the Moby frame I almost bought like 3 / 4 years ago that used to be a chopper? (edited)

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