FS: Yamaha dt50 Sf/bay

TrueLy the most beat dt I’ve seen. Forks and front wheel are good everything else is meh. Tank is pretty clean believe it or not. No piston in the barrel just spiders. Gearbox seems good and the oil looked ok in it so it has that going for it. $300 and it’s your headache, got it in trade and haven’t done a thing to it. Trade me a shitty moped for it?


Re: FS: Yamaha dt50 Sf/bay

Killer deal.

Re: FS: Yamaha dt50 Sf/bay

wow that's actually more fucked up than mine is...

Re: FS: Yamaha dt50 Sf/bay

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Would you sell the front forks / front wheel seperately?

Re: FS: Yamaha dt50 Sf/bay

If you separate I want the tach/speedo if they are not destroyed.

Re: FS: Yamaha dt50 Sf/bay

Ya it’s pretty beat, I’d save it but don’t have the desire/drive to do so. Crank is frozen and need a rebuild for sure. Don’t really want to part this out but I will if no one gets it in a few weeks.

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