WTB Bravo gas tank

Just got a 78 Bravo, has a big hole rusted through the bottom of the tank, anyone have one?

Blue would be awesome, but I don't care, as long as it holds gas.


Re: WTB Bravo gas tank

Don't have one for you, but had to comment. Beautiful bike!

Re: WTB Bravo gas tank

I don't have one for sale either, as they're far and few between. But I love your bravo.

Re: WTB Bravo gas tank

There are stacks of them somewhere, don't give up. Yes that is my favorite blue on the Bravos

Re: WTB Bravo gas tank

Scott Dawson /

Ugly! Rest of the bike is solid, it's a shame.


Re: WTB Bravo gas tank

Angelo Massimino /

I've for sale the tank you're after.

If interested, drop me an email

Re: WTB Bravo gas tank


i got red one,


cleannnnn inside make sure yours is the same, theres a couple different ones with different attachment points. 60 shipped without cap n valve, 75 shipped for the whole tamale.

Re: WTB Bravo gas tank

I have a blue one

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