WTB - Tomos or Puch

Your Gerlfriend /

I'm looking for a new moped to ride!

I'd like one of the more common Puchs or Tomos, for the sake of finding the parts to keep it running.

It'd be great if it were already running, or with small fixes to be done.

I've got about 500 to play with, and I'm in 31401 and might be able to do some traveling

ya'll know more about this than i do, am i looking for the right thing?

Re: WTB - Tomos or Puch

I have an original 1978 Sears Free Spirit (Puch) with less than 850 miles that's just been freshened up and serviced. It's in exceptional condition and available for $850.

Gordon in S. Dakota

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Re: WTB - Tomos or Puch

Scavenger One /

Thats a good lookin moped.

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