WTB: Puch Magnum stock parts

James Meyers /

Hi Gang! new member, but not new to mopeds. My shop just took on a 79 puch magnum xk.. Its a mild restoration missing a few pieces. Everything i'm after needs to be a factory piece, and in okay condition. As long as its not heavily damage ill most likely buy it..

Parts i'm after

-Left lower side cover (black, covering engine)

-Rear 17in wheel.. (dont need the axle, brake parts, etc... just laced rear wheel)

-Exhaust baffle (will take muffler with baffle if need)

I probably wont be able to check here often, so if you'd like you cant contact the shop via

-email: Lowborn.brand@gmail.com

-Instagram: Lowborngarage (direct message us)

-Phone: 585-766-5144 (ask for James)

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